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"My Alice is a very sensitive cat who is easily stressed out by her environment. She lives with two other very active cats. They get along, but sometimes I think Alice feels overwhelmed. She has always had loose stools, but I have noticed an increase in symptoms over the past year, which have been an intermittent problem. I have tried natural remedies, and vet recommended bland diets and homemade, holistic cat food, but Alice refused all of it.


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"I don't have to understand how the Reiki worked from such a tremendous distance to know that it did. There is no denying it. Well, I just wanted to give you an update on Bobo, and to thank you again, Denise, for your kindness and all your help. Wishing you much success."

~ Gerald Sparks, New Port Richey, FL

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Alice Finds Peace

An in-depth article that provides practical advice, tips, and resources to help you find your lost or missing pet as quickly and safely as possible.

"I never imagined I'd request Reiki for a fish--but I'm so glad I did! Bobo is happy again. He's more active and responsive, he's eating again, and his color is more brilliant than ever. He even made a bubble nest, which he hadn't done for quite awhile. So, I know he's well and is content. Your advice about putting him in a larger tank, and giving him a structure to hide in was spot on, too. Bobo loves it!

The following testimonials and reviews are actually testament to the healing and transformative power of Reiki. We are merely facilitators, and we do not personally take any credit for the successes of the Animal Reiki treatments we participate in.

"When I met with Denise, I mentioned that Alice is very shy, extremely sensitive, and easily stressed. Denise suggested that Alice would probably be more comfortable with a distant Reiki session, and I agreed. The evening of the first distant session, I noticed that Alice was more energetic than she usually is. She was playing and seemed (I don’t know how else to explain it) receptive, grateful and aware that she was receiving healing energy. And, I have noticed a difference in the integrity of her stools over the past week. They are soft, but not liquid like they had been. She is much calmer, and has had more positive interactions with the other two cats.

"Denise has a wonderful serene and calming presence. She has a great gift and obviously loves what she does.  Her distant Reiki sessions with my cat, Alice, have helped to calm my cat both physically and emotionally.  I am truly grateful that Denise was able to help my Alice find some peace."

~ Janet Roma, Stephens City, VA