We honor the animals as being not only our clients, but also our teachers in the journey of healing. We are dedicated to the virtues of respect, professionalism, integrity, discretion, compassion, humility and gratitude. We strive to lead by example by upholding these virtuous principles and adhering to a strict Code of Ethics. To learn more about our standards and our mission, please read our Animal Reiki Practitioner's Code of Ethics.




What better way to share the Reiki love than to teach others to do the same? We will soon be offering free, and reduced cost, Animal Reiki In-Service Workshops to teach Animal Reiki to the staff and volunteers of local animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, so that they may further assist the animals in their care. If your organization would like to be notified when this service is available, please Contact Us, or subscribe to our E-mail Mailing List.

While frequently volunteering at local animal shelters, it only seems natural that we incorporate Animal Reiki in the care of the animals. Reiki has assisted with some tremendous transformations of many animals' health, temperament and behavior. In turn, allowing the animals to become more "adoptable." Outside of our geographic service area, we offer FREE Distant Animal Reiki treatments for animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries--worldwide. For more information, please Contact Us.


"Denise has a wonderful serene and calming presence. She has a great gift and obviously loves what she does. Her distant Reiki sessions with my cat, Alice, have helped to calm my cat both physically and emotionally. I am truly grateful that Denise was able to help my Alice find some peace....."

 ~ Janet Roma, Stephens City, VA


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Animals are the greatest teachers.

For years, we have rescued, fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed strays, surrendered animals, and even wildlife. It is the animals who guided us toward Reiki, and showed us that they are completely open and accepting of the love and healing power of Reiki. As a certified Reiki Master, and Animal Reiki Practitioner, Denise offers Animal Reiki to ALL animals in ALL situations and environments--worldwide.

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